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Silicone Elastomer for Gypsum / Plaster Molding

HY-625 and HY-E625 molding silicone are suitable for casting gypsum/plaster decoration products with high tensile and tear strength. They are easy to operate due to its exceptional good fluidity. Hong Ye mold silicone also has the good resistance to weather, temperature, aging, acid.The compounds are simple to mix and do not contain flammable or toxic solvents.HY-625 and HY-E625 are also suitable for casting solid urethanes, polyesters and epoxies where a free standing mold that can maintain a straight edge is required, such as cornice, column, balustrade, ceiling, pedestals, fountains, mantels, wall ornament, furniture decorative, etc.

DataSheet (Condensation cure) DataSheet (Addition cure)